Moving Out of Home For The First Time?

I think we can all agree today’s rental market is one of the most competitive we have seen in a very long time. With only a short list of available properties, increasing rents and hundreds of prospective tenants looking for a rental property, these combined factors can often make us all feel overwhelmed and leave us feeling like “Will I ever find a rental with no rental history behind me?”

If you have been thinking about moving out of home for the first time, be that on your own, with a partner or with a friend/housemate then here are some helpful tips to get you started.

Tips To Get Started On Finding A Rental

Give consideration as to what are the “musts” for a property to meet your requirements. Whether this be the area, size of the property, yards & garden maintenance, knowing your budget so that you are comfortable paying rent and can still be able to meet living expenses at the same time. Once you know these details, the search for the right place to call home will become a lot less stressful and overwhelming for you.


If you are planning to rent with another occupant, make sure you are 110% comfortable with this person as rental history stays with you for longer than you may think.

Reach Out To Local Agencies

Reach out to the local real estate agencies and introduce yourself. Record your details with them so when a new property is to be listed you are on the prospective tenant data base and will be notified of availability straight away.

First Impressions at Property Viewings

When attending viewings, first impressions go a long way. The agent showing the property is there to help you with any questions you may have or if that property is not for you, be honest with the agent as they may be able to point you in the direction of a more suitable property.

Complete Application Correctly

When completing the application form, take your time to ensure the application is completed correctly and in its entirety. Ensure your references are aware the property manager will be contacting them and that the contact numbers provided are all current and correct. I encourage using referees who have known you personally for some time and will hence have the knowledge to provide a detailed reference.

When applying for a rental it is a requirement of most agencies to provide 100 points of ID (this includes both the front and back of any cards you are using for identification purposes). If you are unsure about what you can use or you are struggling to provide up to 100 points of ID, then contact the property manager for further assistance.

You can also submit a covering letter telling the property manager and the landlord more about yourself and your situation. If you have a pet, it is always a great idea to supply a photo and a little information about your pet, are they inside/outside, the more information for the landlord to consider the more likely a positive outcome may be reached


If you are feeling like you “don’t have a chance” because of a lack of any rental history to help support your application, you do have the option to have a guarantor to go on the application with you. If your application is approved, then the guarantor will also be listed on the lease agreement. This can make your application stronger and more appealing to a landlord by having that extra support behind you.

What are you waiting for? There’s no better time to make the first step towards your own independence!

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