What to Expect at a Rental Property Viewing

So, you have registered for your rental property viewing and are now wondering how it all works on the day and what the benefits are in actually attending in person.

Why Meet On-Site?

An on-site inspection of the property you are interested in allows you to go through and tick all the boxes, and ensure you are happy to go ahead with your application.

It gives you the chance to ensure it is clean, in good repair and meets your housing needs.

You also get the chance to talk one-on-one with the managing agent and ask any questions you may have.

When you register for a viewing, we also provide you with a copy of the application form beforehand, so you can fill it out and hand it in on the day if keen on the property. You can also ask questions about any aspect of the application form you may be unsure about, before lodging it.

What if You Can’t Attend in Person?

We understand not everyone can attend viewings, and that’s where our online walk-through tours are so convenient. Check out our Facebook and Website pages and YouTube footage.

These options are also great for prospective tenants still planning to view the property in person. You get to have a sneak peek beforehand, so you arrive at the viewing with a pretty good idea of what to expect and can clarify anything you were unsure of from the walk-through tours.

What Happens on Viewing Day?

  1. There may be times when a few applicants will be viewing the home in the same time slot and all will be looking for parking. Please be patient and if possible, try and find safe street parking. We like to keep the property driveway clear, so we don’t block anyone in as we pull up.
  2. Where viewing properties that are tenanted, it is important to be respectful of the tenants. Please ensure you are on time for the viewings, which last 10 minutes.
  3. If there are a few groups wanting to view the property, we take a couple through at a time and we ask you to stay with the leasing agent as you walk through.

What Comes Next?

The next phase is deciding whether to apply to rent the home or give it a miss and search for others on your short list.

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