The Number of Bathrooms in Your Property Can Make Big Difference!

Did you ever think that a bathroom could influence your earnings from your property? If not, then think about it now. The number of bathrooms that your property has, determines the amount of rent that you can ask from leasing out your property in Albany.

How Many Bathrooms Should a Property Generally Have?

The more bathrooms you have in your property, the better it is both for your tenant and for you. It is very convenient for the tenant to have multiple bathrooms available to them and this extra facility allows you to earn more rent.

The basic point that you need to remember while buying a new property in Albany is that the number of bathrooms should be proportional to the number of bedrooms.

Generally, one bathroom is sufficient for a one or two bedroom property. A single bathroom can work even for a three-bedroom property but two bathrooms are definitely preferable in this case.

However, if your property has more than three bedrooms, it becomes more important to have at least two bathrooms. It is obvious that a tenant who has taken a four-bedroom property is likely because they have a larger family to accommodate. With more people living in a house, two bathrooms become a necessity as it cuts down on the waiting period for using a bathroom thereby increasing convenience for the tenants.

Less Bathrooms Means Less of Rent

If you have less bathrooms in proportion to the number of rooms, you will not be able to charge as high a rent. Even a four-bedroom property will not fetch as good a rental return as if it has just one bathroom.

It is important to consider the number of bedrooms as well as bathrooms before investing in a property, ensuring that the property fulfils the proportional requirements. You should look at it from a tenant’s perspective. The extra bathroom will make it more appealing to a tenant thereby increasing its overall value and rent return.

By offering a property with multiple bathrooms, you could have an edge over your competitors and attract the attention of more tenants.

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