What Kind of Heating or Cooling System Should Your Property Have?

If you are thinking about investing in property in Albany, it is natural that you need to look at all the amenities which come with the property. Usually heating or cooling systems are already in place in properties which are for sale. However, if your property does not come with such temperature control systems, then you need to get it installed before leasing the property out to tenants.

It is not mandatory for property owners to provide such a system to the tenant, but this additional feature can help you to find more tenants for your property. Albany has a temperate climate all through the year rather than the extremely hot and dry weather of the major cities of Australia. Cooling is not such a big issue because of the pleasant climate. However, in winter, Albany does experience colder temperatures. During this season, a good heating system becomes a necessity.

Types of Heating Systems

There are so many types of heating systems to choose from:


This heating system makes use of gas or oil to run. It has heat exchangers which provide control over venting and combustion air.

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

In this system, the air conditioners work like heaters with the press of a button. They deliver hot air instead of cool air. They are much more energy efficient than other heating systems and more convenient to use.

Hybrid Dual Fuel Heating Systems

This technology makes use of both the furnace and the heat pump. The electric heat pump provides primary heating and cooling whereas the furnace takes the heating to another level.

Final Thoughts

Among the three choices mentioned here, the most suitable type is the reverse cycle air conditioning. It is perfect for the climate of Albany. There is no need to install separate systems for heating and cooling. It does not require much maintenance and is very durable. The tenant can simply switch over to heating whenever required using the same temperature control equipment.

It is not necessary that the heating system which you provide will be suitable for every tenant but reverse cycle air conditioning works in most cases. Providing such a heating system can lead to an increment in the rent because you can charge more for the extra facility. You can also find more tenants for your property, especially in the winter months when people look for this facility. Do consider these options while investing in property in Albany for leasing purposes.

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