Buying A House On A Busy Road: Is It A Good Idea?

People usually avoid living on busy roads because of the amount of noise pollution that public transport and cars driving past make. There is constant activity going on outside which can cause discomfort to many. However, the fact is that the busy streets tend to be those which are located in the centre of the city, connect to important places or are in close proximity to lifestyle amenities. A property in such a location can offer the advantages of good connectivity to prospective tenants who value convenience.

In Albany, tenants generally do not prefer to live on a busy street. People prefer to seek rental places in the quieter streets of the suburbs where they can live a peaceful life with their families. If you are thinking about buying a house in Albany, market research is the first point to start from.

What You Need To Check

You need to make a note of the number of vacancies and their locations. They are more likely to be in a busy location, which in turn, is generally noisier. This does not mean that you should not invest in such a property. You can think from the point of view that if the rental properties in the quiet street suburbs are already mostly occupied, then prospective tenants are sure to look at secondary locations in the busy areas. In this situation, it may be easier for you to find tenants to fill your vacant property.

Another point to remember is that the traffic noise becomes less important if you present your property well. If you offer various facilities with your property, then the tenants are sure to choose your property before the one which is located in a quiet area but is poorly presented. The first impression does make a lot of difference.

Considerations When Buying On A Main Road

There are some things you need to consider when planning on purchasing a property on a main street:

  1. It is important to get hold of a property which has an in-built parking facility or off-street car accommodation. A primary objection for tenants is they cannot park their vehicles on the busy road.
  2. The outdoor entertainment area plays an important role in increasing the appeal of a property. You should ensure that this area is free from the noise of passing traffic. If it isn’t, then the extra value that the entertainment area adds to your property can be lost.
  3. There should be well insulated windows and other such facilities inside the property so that the outdoor noise does not affect the peace inside the home.

Invest wisely! Keeping these few things in mind can help you secure a good rental return for a property that is located on a busy road. If you’d like some advice on what you can do to make your property stand out, get in touch with the specialist team at Wellington & Reeves today!

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