How To Present Your Property To Prospective Tenants?

Are you planning to lease out your property? If so, then you need to ensure it is ready for presentation to prospective tenants. In today’s times, there are multiple properties available for tenants to choose from. In such a situation, you need to present your property in a way which immediately attracts their attention. It should look well-maintained from the outside so the tenants feel interested enough to take a look at the interior. It has always been true that well-presented properties generate higher rent and often attract more desirable tenants. Here are some tips you can follow to make your property ready for lease:

Give Your Property A Touch-Up

If there are cracked walls, peeling paint, unpainted roofs or broken faucets, you will need to get the repair work done immediately. These things attract attention and may put off prospective tenants. Giving a facelift to your property is important before opening it up for presentation because it gives a good impression and increases the chances of the property being leased.

Go For A Cleaning Spree

A dirt and clutter-free property is much more appreciated than a messy one. You should ensure that the washrooms and kitchen counters are clean and shiny. Carpets and rugs need to be vacuumed or cleaned with a carpet cleaner. Overall your property should be presented in a way that is clean and tidy, prospective tenants will be far more likely to submit an application for a clean property than a dirty one.

Consult An Interior Designer

If you want your property to look the best, hiring an interior designer is a very good option. They can use their experience to highlight the best parts of the property making it look sleek and modern. A well-styled property can really stand out and have an edge above other homes on the market.

Focus On The Exterior

The exterior of the house should look great in order to catch the eye of passers-by. The yard or lawn is the first thing that people notice. It needs to be perfectly mowed and tended to in order to add value to the overall appearance of the property. You should also consider getting a paint job done if it is required. Gutters and outside windows should be cleaned. The pathway should be clear so prospective tenants can easily access the property and take a good look around.


If you keep these details in mind and implement them, you can definitely make a great presentation of your property and quickly find tenants. If you have an investment property you’d like to put on the market, or you’re search for a rental in the Great Southern region – get in touch with the specialist team at Wellington & Reeves!

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