Australia’s Worst Housing Shortage and Why Investors Should Take Notice

In recent news, “The West Australian” reported on the worst housing shortage in Australia, with the crisis expected to last for the next decade and potentially exceed 25,000 homes by 2026. Meanwhile, “The Australian” published a report stating that the country is expected to build 100,000 fewer homes than needed to keep up with demand over the next five years.

This housing shortage is particularly severe in Western Australia, where demand for housing is 25% of the required national supply, despite the state only accounting for roughly 10% of the country’s population. Rental vacancy rates have been consistently low for well over two years, with Albany’s vacancy rate dipping to an alarming 0.3% in January 2023.

This crisis has created a unique opportunity for investors to take notice of the local market and invest in the area. Albany’s property market is especially attractive, given its affordability relative to other states and the high rental demand.

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The current situation presents a unique opportunity for savvy investors to capitalize on high rental demand and potential for capital growth.

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